Indie Style

with Leah DeVon

Indie Style with Leah DeVon is an interview and talk entertainment show hosted by the stunning Leah DeVon.

Indie Style features independent entrepreneurs from around the globe. Instead of shooting inside a routine studio setting, Indie Style shoots on location for all of the shows. If there were a gumbo of talk-interview shows, Indie Style would be it.

The show focuses on interviewing guests as they share their struggles, triumphs, how they made it in their specific industries, with helpful tips and information.

In essence, Indie Style introduces viewers to emerging talent; it shares the hidden jewels of cities around the world. Indie Style features the next famous designer, the hottest new stylist, the go-to chef, the up and coming sports star, the intelligent new author, and the next big megastar in TV and Film.

Indie S1 E1.jpg

Episode 1

Indie S1 E2.jpg

Episode 2